Tennis Stringing Services


Tennis Stringing Services

35.00 AED55.00 AED

  • Choose the exact tension wrt the racquet.
  • The colour of the string will be confirmed wrt availability.
  • Pick N Drop facility for Same Day Delivery Option is available for orders done through our stores or online before 14:00. (2 PM) , Orders after 2 PM will be delivered next day only.
  • For Pick N Drop facility, our Courier Agent will Pick and Drop from your location.
  • Pick N Drop facility is available for customers in Dubai only.

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Do you feel like your racquet is losing string tension? Tennis stringing services are an essential aspect of tennis that can significantly impact a player’s performance on the court. A Tennis Racquet Stringing is the main point of contact with the ball, and it can affect the feel, control, and power of each shot. That’s why it’s important to have your racquet strung correctly and regularly.

What is Tennis Racquet Stringing?

Stringing a tennis racquet involves weaving strings through the ¬†frame in a specific pattern with a specific tension. The tension of the strings is critical, as it can affect the way the ball bounces off the racquet and the player’s ability to control the shot. The type of string used can also impact the feel and performance of the racquet.

Adlers offers tennis stringing services and these services typically involve dropping off your racquet and selecting the type of string and tension you want. The stringer will then string the racquet and return it to you in a specific timeframe. Tennis stringing services are critical to maintaining and improving your game. Regularly stringing your racquet with the right type of string and tension can help you improve your feel, control, and power on the court. Consider Adlers reliable stringing service to help you take your game to the next level.


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