About Us


What started with an idea…

When Yonex started making sports equipment in Japan in 1957, they had a dream. They had a drive to become global leaders in sports goods. Their intention was to bring them to the world with a state-of-the-art quality that could not be found anywhere else. We established Adler Sports’ Yonex sports store for the same reason. We intend to bring to Dubai a reliable, admired sport goods store and change the way sporting equipment is accessed.

Has finally become a reality…

Adler Sports is the first Yonex concept store in Dubai, with a reach that is far and wide. Yonex products are no longer difficult to find, now made available with a click of a button. We believe in Yonex’s constant research, and implementation of new technology. Their objective is to improve and enhance sporting apparatus, and to change the face of sports equipment in the worldwide market. Adler Sports is pushing Dubai into this global arena of sports by making their products available here.

Yonex sports store and services in the palm of your hands…

If you think our online store is our only service, though, you might be in for a surprise. Adler Sports is more than just an online shopping centre for Yonex products. We have a trained team on standby to provide expert stringing and tuning services for racquets. Our team handles Yonex’s products with perfection. They also render these services at a competitive price that you will be hard-pressed to find anywhere else in Dubai. Our stringing services are for professional grade badminton, tennis and squash racquets. Moreover, our experts are Yonex certified technicians who are players themselves. Needless to say, we trust your products with those who have the highest respect for you, the equipment, and the sport.

So what are you waiting for….

With our stores, we guarantee easy-access to a variety of products along with a quality service that goes hand in hand with the brand name we cater to. Our catalog includes the whole portfolio of Yonex’s products. Not limited to equipment alone, it includes footwear, sports apparel, accessories – all sold at retail and wholesale pricing. Our partnership with multiple sporting goods dealers in malls across the UAE ensures first-rate service delivered to your doorstep. We also serve private clubs and government organisations, providing excellent service at an expanded and sustainable scale. Whether you want to buy badminton racquets, or look for the best tennis shoes online, Adler Sports is at your service. Explore your options at adlersports.ae and immerse yourself in this new-age world of athletics, right here in Dubai.



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Very good experience with Yonex & Adler Sports. The staff were friendly & helpful. They listen into the details & provided the best solution for me.

The best shop ever for tennis players